Sublimation Wild One Family Tee Shirt Set

Regular price $4.00

5 different style of sublimation prints

You get one mom for $4 one dad for $4 two infant or toddler for $4 one middle age child teen $4 make your choice with drop down bar

Sublimation prints must be pressed with a heat press only

Press at heat 400 for 60 seconds

Must use at least a 50% polyester blend tee shirt, the higher the number of the polyester the brighter the colors will be. If you like the vintage look that is big right now the 50% blend is the way to go. I use Gildan dry blend and love the look it gives me

When you wash shirt turn shirt inside out and was in cold water only then dry normal you only need to do this for the first time

If you need a custom sublimation made send me a message on facebook or email me at and we can work together at creating something great